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Doctorat Phd


Defended doctoral dissertations and Publications

Candidate Dissertation title Publications Director/Date
Cusola Aumedes, Oriol Surface functionalization of cellulosic substrates by using chemical and biotechnological methods
Roncero, Blanca
Valls, Cristina
Andreu Terrén, Glòria Enzymatic bleaching of kenaf pulp using laccase-mediator system Vidal, Teresa
Aracri, Elisabetta (***) Application of laccasse-based systems for biobleaching and functionalization of sisal fibres Vidal, Teresa
García Ubasart, Jordi Use of new enzyme systems for refining and modifying cellulose fibres Vidal, Teresa
Fillat Latorre, Amanda (*), (**) Flax fibre modification using enzyme systems to obatin high-value cellulose products Vidal, Teresa
Roncero, M. Blanca
Edith M. Cadena Assessment of paper pulp refining with biotechnological (enzymatic) Torres, Antonio L.
Fillat Latorre, Ursula Use of biotechnology to obtain high-quality pulp. Assessment of enzyme systems used in environmentally friendly bleaching sequences Roncero, Blanca
Valls Vidal, Cristina (*) Use of new enzymatic systems to bleach eucalyptus kraft pulp Roncero, Blanca
Arjona Espinosa, Ivan Use of biotechnological processes to remove colour from recycled paper. Application of the laccase–mediator system Publicacions Tesis Torres, Antonio L.
López Calvo, Daniel De-inking of quality printing–writing paper by use of physico–chemical and biotechnological processes Torres, Antonio L. 2004
García Gómez, Olga Use of flax fibres to manufacture paper. New bleaching sequences and use of enzyme systems Vidal, Teresa
De la Rosa Giménez, Ana Belén Papermaking uses of non-wood fibres (kenaf and Miscanthus sinensis). ECF and TCF bleaching sequences Vidal, Teresa
Blanca Roncero, Blanca (*) Development of a TCF sequence using ozone and enzymes to bleach pulp from wood and agricultural residues. Optimization of the Z stage. Effects of cellulose fibres and their components Vidal Llucia, Teresa

(*) European Doctor Mention, (**) Extraordinary Doctorate Award 2013, (***) Extraordinary Doctorate Award 2014

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