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Research Areas

The scope of action of the CELBIOTECH Research Group encompasses topics related to Engineering and Biotechnological aspects of Lignocellulosic and Paper Materials.

Specifically, it focuses on the manipulation and modification of compounds from the pulp and paper sector and on the use and conversion of biomass, to obtain new materials, fibers or products with new properties.

Special emphasis is placed on environmental and energy aspects in order to focus on the concepts of Circular EconomyBiorefinery, and Sustainability of the processes.

Among the objectives that we work on are:

- The development and application of biotechnology to obtain cellulosic products with high added value, such as bioactive papers or other products, which make it possible to replace existing and less sustainable materials on the market.

- Obtaining cellulosic micro and/or nanofibers from biotechnological methods, with lower energy consumption and more respectful for the environment.

- The comprehensive use of renewable materials (cellulose, lignin and hemicelluloses) or by-products of lignocellulose treatment processes, to obtain bioproducts with high added value.

- The development of cellulosic biomaterials for the packaging sector (BIOPACKAGING) of perishable foods in order to increase their durability while maintaining quality, so that food processing and distribution is more sustainable and to be able to make the food sector more competitive among others.

- The creation of biodegradable and ecological devices (membranes, aerogels) that allow the elimination of water pollutants through the Eco-Innovation strategy.

- The use of nanocellulose in the field of nanomedicine to create medical diagnostic devices that allow biosensing.