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Research Areas

The scope of the CELBIOTECH group encompasses engineering and biotechnology research into lignocellulosics and paper materials.


Specifically, the group's work is concerned with the manipulation and modification of materials from cellulose and paper sector, and the exploitation and conversion of their biomass, for obtaining of new materials, fibres or products with novel properties.



The group pays special attention to the environmental and energy-related aspects of Biorefinery and Process Sustainability. The group's objectives include the development and application of biotechnological methodologies for the production of cellulose products with a high added value such as bioactive paper to replace existing, less sustainable commercial materials.


Also, the group is concerned with the development of cellulose microfibres and nanofibres by using biotechnological, energy-efficient, environmentally benign processes.


The group is also interested in the integral exploitation of renewable materials (cellulose, lignin and hemicelluloses) or by products of the processing of lignocellulosic materials for obtaining bioproducts, as well as on the development of cellulosic biomaterials for packaging perishables with no loss of quality over extended periods in order to facilitate a more sustainable food processing and distribution, and improve competitiveness in the food sector among other.