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Paper and Graphic


    Special equipment


    • Pulp making equipment: Dry grinder pulp, Forplex Grinding mill, rotary Autoclave (180ºC), Refiner Sprout Waldron; Classifier fibers Wewerk; washing equipment; Pulcell and Voith, de-inking cells, drum dryer.
    • Equipment for pulp refining: Disintegrator, PFI Mill, Valley Cell, Lampen Mill, ºSR and CSF equipment.
    • Bauer-McNett and Brecht Holl-HS fibre sosters, conventional laboratory sheet former.
    • Equipment for measuring printing ink viscosity, the ink–paper relationship and printability tests: Churchill falling rod Viscometer, Density meter, IGT inker, IGT AC2 equipment and its fittings.
    • CADSIM simulation software (Aurel Systems, Inc.) for pulp and paper production processes.
    • Freeze-dryer