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Paper Chemistry


Special equipment
  • Specific reactors for the bleaching and biotreatment of paper pulp.
  • Reactors for enzymatic treatment of paper pulp: Easydye reactor and autoclaves
  • Automated ozone treatment plant: ozonizer, flow meter, ozone analysers and dedicated software.
  • Equipment for determining process water and effluent parameters: COD reactor, BOD frigothermostat, Jar test equipment,  MICROTOX toxicity analyser, Conductivity meter, pH-meters.
  • UV-Vis and Atomic absorption spectrophotometers.
  • Autotitrators, Automatic Viscometer, Fat Extraction equipment, Rotary evaporator, analytical balances, stoves and muffle furnaces.
  • Test to measure the biodegradability of biomaterials and papers, under controlled conditions with compost.