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Physical Testing Paper and Board

Special equipment
  • Air-conditioned laboratory at 23 ºC and 50% RH.
  • Light microscope with dedicated acquisition system and software for processing Deltapix images.
  • Equipment for assessing permanence and aging resistance in paper and other materials: Heraeus Vötsch HC 2020 environmental chamber (10–100 ºC, 10–95% RH) and Suntest CPS+ from Heraeus Industrietechnik.
  • Equipment for assessing optical properties of paper. Technidyne Color Touch PC spectrophotometer.
  • Equipment for assessing physico–chemical properties of corrugated board and its paper components: Concora Corrugator, compressometer, Taber and Kodak rigidimeters.
  • Equipment for assessing physico–mechanical properties of paper and board: Universal testing -tensile, compressive, friction- system; Zero-span tensile strength meter. Digital micrometer, Tear meter, Folding meter, paper and board Burst meter,  Scott Bond tester.
  • Equipment for assessing surface properties and fluid permeability in paper and board: Gurley, Bendtsen, Bekk, Schopper, Cobb tester.
  • Equipment that allows determining the distribution of macroporosity and mesoporosity of a sample by capillary flow porometry (liquid ejection technique) within the range of 20 nm to 500 µm: Porometer
  • Equipment for measuring oxygen permeability at different relative humidities: MOCON OX-TRAN Model 1/50