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Presentation of the Thesis Oriol Cusolà December 20
Extraordinary Award Doctorate area of Industrial Engineering
Oriol Cusola has worked in the patent developed by the group CELBIOTECH
The research group CELBIOTECH won the first award 2014 VALORTEC in the category of patent
UPC and ASPAPEL sign an agreement that boosts highly qualified training in Paper Engineering
Granting Thesis Award 2013-2014 in the field of Industrial Engineering
Registration Open for the Master's degree Paper and Graphic Engineering, 2014-2015 academic year
Professors of Paper and Graphic Engineering visit Stora Enso Barcelona company
Paper Engineering students visit the paper factory Miquel y Costas & Miquel SA
40 witnesses entrepreneurship, including CELBIOTECH, were presented in the exhibition "Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Embark Catalonia. Ideas that move Catalonia"
Celbiotech on Channel 33
Special Doctoral Award for a thesis in Paper Engineering
Special Doctoral Award in the Industrial Engineering field for the doctoral thesis defended by Elisabet Quintana Vilajuana in the 2015-2016 academic year
Award for the best academic record in Paper Engineering
The student Allinson Zúñiga in the field of PAPER ENGINEERING has received the AWARD for the BEST ACADEMIC RECORD 2017-18 of the MUETP Master of the ESEIAAT-UPC. The award has been sponsored by ASPAPEL.
New Master's degre in Paper and Graphics Technology
Concession of € 250,000 in scholarships-salary to study the Master's Degree in Paper and Graphics Technology
Start of Master classes: 21/09/2020
Call for 21 salary scholarships, with a total budget of more than € 200,000 to study the Master's Degree in Paper and Graphic Technology at ESEIAAT
ASPAPEL Award for the best academic record 2020-2021
Jordi Vilarrubias, has received the award sponsored by ASPAPEL for the best record 2020-2021 of the University Master's Degree in Paper and Graphic Technology of the UPC-ESEIAAT.